Easy Clean

Quick & Easy Assembly!!

How to Use the Spin Mop 360

  Changing the Mop Head

  • Step on the micro-fiber strips on the edge of the upper disc.
  • Pull the handle away from your body.
  • This will separates the upper disc allowing you to change the Mop Head.
    Assembling the Mop Head

  • Place the upper disc on top of the interchangeable Mop Head
  • Step down on the other end that is elevated.
  • The Mop Head is assembled when you hear a “Click”.
    Angle Adjustment and 360° Spin

  • The angle of the handle can be set to various settings up to 180°.
  • This allows you to clean even the hardest places where normal mops can’t.
  • The Mop Head can spin 360° as you clean, picking up more dirt with less effort!
    Maximum Water Level

  • Fill water in the wringer bucket no more than the maximum water level indicated to avoid any spillage.
  • This will also conserve the amount of water required compared to other mops.

  • To rinse the Mop Head, place it in the wringer sectoin and move the handle up and down several times until all the dirt and grime have been released.

  • Put Mop Head flat in the spinner and the handle at 90° applying slight pressure.
  • Step on the pedal a few times to activate the spinning cycle and wring dry the Mop Head.
  • Continue to retain slight pressure while the mop head is still wringing.

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